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Alternative Security
Living Without Nuclear Deterrence
ASIN: 0813306299 (cloth); 0813306302 (pbk.)

Edited by Burns H. Weston

Alternative Security offers the thinking person a place to begin to kick the "nuclear habit." Even as it accepts the premise that war is endemic to the human condition, it provides reassurance that an other-than-nuclear deterrence policy can work effectively to safeguard national and transnational interests.

These eight original essays, accompanied by a contextual introduction and a selected bibliography, constitute an interdisciplinary approach to solving the problems of deterrence. Experts with distinct perspectives -- military (Thomas F. Lynch, III), technological (Warren F. Davis), legal (Burns H. Weston), economic (Lloyd J. Dumas), political (Bruce Russett), psychological (Ralph K. White), and religious (William Sloane Coffin) -- have collaborated to present realistic alternatives to policies based on nuclear threat.

Principled and pragmatic, Alternative Security is ideal for both students and policymakers. It is especially timely in its response to new possibilities being created by profound changes in Eastern Europe and, indeed, the world over.

About the Authors

Burns H. Weston is Bessie Dutton Murray Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus and Director of the Center for Human Rights at The University of Iowa. He is the co-author of International Law and World Order: A Problem-Oriented Coursebook (3d ed. 1997).

Critical Commentary on Alternative Security

"Alternative Security stands in refreshing contrast to the efforts of some Western leaders to force rigid, old policies into the brand-new mold of international affairs. This volume is a rich source of imaginative ideas for creating and preserving a peaceful world order not dependent on nuclear deterrence."
    -- Paul C. Warnke

"Alternative Security is the first major book to press the case for bold new thinking about world peace and security since the historic year 1989. This book emphasizes and carries further the lesson of 1989 that transformation of the fundamentals can and does occur in world affairs."
    -- Richard Smoke

"A book by professionals that makes a compelling cased for a nuclear-weapons-free world."
    -- Richard Ned Lebow


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